Contract Actions

A description of each parameter can be found here:

Please see SimpleAssets.hpp in Github for a detailed description of each of these actions and their parameters.

# — For Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)—

create (author, category, owner, idata, mdata, requireсlaim) // create NFT
update (author, owner, assetid, mdata) // update an NFT’s mdata
transfer (from, to , [assetid1,..,assetidn], memo) // transfer the NFT to a different account
burn (owner, [assetid1,..,assetidn], memo) // burn the NFT

offer (owner, newowner, [assetid1,..,assetidn], memo) // as an alternative to transferring an NFT, an owner can „offer“ it for another another account to claim.
canceloffer (owner, [assetid1,..,assetidn]) // cancels an offer
claim (claimer, [assetid1,..,assetidn]) // a „claim“ will use the recipient’s RAM

delegate (owner, to, [assetid1,..,assetidn], period, redelegate, memo) // lend the asset to a different account
undelegate (owner, [assetid1,..,assetidn]) // returns the asset to the original owner. Called by the orginal owner. Possible after
// delegate period expired.
delegatemore (owner, assetid, period) // add time to a lending period

attach (owner, assetidc, [assetid1,..,assetidn]) // puts an array of NFT inside another NFT. This is only callable by the author (ie. the game).
// So if a game wants users to be able to do this, it can provide access to to action to users.
// This allows all the assets to be transferred together.

detach (owner, assetidc, [assetid1,..,assetidn]) // removes an array of NFTs from another NFT. This is callable by the OWNER and the AUTHOR.

attachf (owner, author, quantity, assetidc) // attaches a fungible token to an NFT. (callable by the author)
detachf (owner, author, quantity, assetidc) // detaches a fungible token from an NFT. (callable by the owner)

// md functions are optional tables assets creators can use to centralize data for RAM efficiency

mdadd (author, data)
mdupdate (id, author, data)
mdremove (id)
mdaddlog (id, author, data)

# — For Fungible Tokens (FTs) —

createf (author, maximum_supply, authorctrl, data)
updatef (author, sym, data)
issuef (to, author, quantity, memo)
transferf (from, to, author, quantity, memo)
burnf (from, author, quantity, memo)

offerf (owner, newowner, author, quantity, memo)
cancelofferf (owner, [ftofferid1,…,ftofferidn])
claimf (claimer, [ftofferid1,…,ftofferidn])

openf (owner, author, symbol, ram_payer)
closef (owner, author, symbol)

# — For Non-Transferable Tokens (NTTs) —

createntt (author, category, owner, idata, mdata, requireсlaim)
updatentt (author, owner, assetid, mdata)
burnntt (owner, [assetid1,..,assetidn], memo)
claimntt (claimer, [assetid1,..,assetidn])

# — Author Registration (to provide information for third parties) —

authorreg ( name author, string dappinfo, string fieldtypes, string priorityimg )
authorupdate ( name author, string dappinfo, string fieldtypes, string priorityimg )
setarampayer( name author, name category, bool usearam )


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