Some Key Principles

1) Authors create assets. An author can be a game, or a single artist.

2) Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are split into idata which is set upon creation and never changes, and mdata which can be updated any time by the author.

3) All ownership functionality is 100% controlled by the NFTs current owner, with absolutely no compromise. Ownership functionality consists of transferring, offering for claim, delegating (lending), and burning.

4) transferring versus offer / claim If you transfer an NFT, the sender pays for RAM. As an alternative, you can simply offer the NFT, and the user claiming will pay for their RAM.

(Note: we have deployed a feature that allows NFT authors to pay for all RAM for transfers between users. If an author has this enabled, you don’t really need to use offer/claim to manage RAM – though you can use it if you prefer its workflow.)