Why Simple Assets is the best NFT / digital asset standard for EOSIO based blockchains.

  • True Ownership. Users own their NFTs outright. Nobody, not even the NFT author can interfere with transfers.
  • Flexible. Simple assets imposes very little structure on NFTs, insisting only that some of the data be updatable by the author, and some stay forever fixed. The rest is up to you. We’ve found, that even in our simple game, Kolobok.io, we’ve had to change the structure of the mutable data several times. With Simple Assets, this was easy.
  • Supported by multiple Marketplaces: simplemarket.io, collectables.io, gpk.market, waxplorer.com.
  • Built in Lending. In the future, lending digital assets may become very important. In Simple Assets, the true owner is guaranteed the ability to always retrieve the digital assets once the lending period has expired. Games which do not want to allow borrowed assets need only to perform a simple check upon receiving the asset.
  • Fungible Tokens. Simple Assets provides their own version of Fungible Tokens which for some uses cases are better than using the standard EOSIO contract, for example, simulating the consumption of resources as described in The Prospector’s Lantern — Anatomy of a Simple Asset.
  • Non-Transferable Token. Because of our commitment to 100% pure ownership, we made a non-transferable token (which can be used for trophies or certificates) instead of having an adjustable flag on NFTs. We this this avoids confusion.
  • Built in Containerization. This is speculative functionality which may unlock some cool use cases for creative NFT authors. Authors (not owners) can build functionality that allows some NFTs or FTs to be packed inside of another NFT. So you could have an NFT chest, full of NFT and FT prizes.
  • Optional RAM payer. (coming soon) Authors will have the option of paying for RAM for all transfers of their assets, or having the owners pay for the RAM.

See our Road Map. New features include the ability for authors to pay for RAM for transfers, a third-party contract which allows NFTs to be backed by any eosio tokens, and cool coupon infrastructure that may allow tokenization of non-blockchain things.

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