Author Registration

See for the interface.

The purpose of Author Registration is to post information for third party marketplaces, wallets and explorers, to

  • correctly display your assets
  • show some information about you, like a logo and URL
  • specify a % fee from sales in secondary marketplaces

Authors can register in the authorreg table to communicate with third party asset explorers, wallets, and marketplaces.

ACTION authorreg( name author, string dappinfo, string fieldtypes, string priorityimg );

@param author is author’s account who will create assets.

@param dappinfo is stringified JSON. Recommendations to include: name – name of the application
company – name of the company
logo – url to image
url – url to the game’s websites
info – short description of application
defaultfee – 100x the % fee you’d like to collect from marketplaces. (for 2%, 200)

@param fieldtypes is stringified JSON with key:state values, where key is key from mdata or idata and state indicates recommended way of displaying the field. For the latest recommended values, please see

@param priorityimg is JSON which assosiates an NFT category with the field name from idata or mdata that specifies the main image field for that category of NFTs. This is probably a rare use case and can be left blank. If you wanted a category of NFTs to have a main image field other than img, you’d use “CATEGORY”:”otherfieldname”. Most likely use case is if you wanted webgls or some other format to be the main image.

Cleos examples of authorreg and authorupdate:


./ push action simpleassets authorreg ‘[“ilovekolobok”, “{\”name\”: \”Kolobok Breeding Game\”, \”company\”: \”CryptoLions\”, \”info\”: \”Breed your Kolobok\”, \”logo\”: \”\”, \”url\”: \”\”, \”defaultfee\”:200}”, “{\”bdate\”:\”timestamp\”},{\”cd\”:\”timestamp\”},{\”img\”:\”img\”},{\”st\”:\”hide\”},{\”url\”:\”url\”}”, “{\”kolobok\”:\”img\”},{\”*\”:\”img\”}” ]’ -p ilovekolobok


./ push action simpleassets authorupdate ‘[“ilovekolobok”, “{\”name\”: \”Kolobok Breeding Game\”, \”company\”: \”CryptoLions\”, \”info\”: \”Breed your Kolobok\”, \”logo\”: \”\”, \”url\”: \”\”, \”defaultfee\”:200}”, “{\”bdate\”:\”timestamp\”},{\”cd\”:\”timestamp\”},{\”img\”:\”img\”},{\”st\”:\”hide\”},{\”url\”:\”url\”}”, “{\”kolobok\”:\”img\”},{\”*\”:\”img\”}” ]’ -p ilovekolobok