Mint #s

Our API provides Mint #s for NFTs.

Total Minted refers to the number of assets created by that author with the same category and idata. (For some authors who have stored the asset name in mdata – mutable data – we make a custom calculation.)

Mint Number refers to when this particular asset was minted in relation to the others of its kind.

Total Available is the total minted minus the number which have been burned. (Burning seems pretty rare, so the total available is usually the same as total minted.)

Here’s an example of how we group assets in a mint series:

Asset 393. idata= “name: Jack”, “img: imgX”
Asset 394. idata= “name: Jack”, “img: imgX”
Asset 395. idata= “name: Queen”, “img: imgYY”
Asset 396. idata= “name: Queen”, “img: imgYY”
Asset 397. idata= “name: Queen”, “img: imgZZZZ”
Asset 398. idata= “name: Queen”, “img: imgYY”

(All categories are blank.)

You can see that 393-394 are grouped into a series of mints.

397 is unique so that’s a mint 1/1.

And 395, 396, and 398 have identical category + idata, so they’re a series of mint #s as well.